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Unlocking the
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    Today, even businesses with steady growth and profitability struggle to secure capital. That’s because investing in small to midsized businesses demands time-intensive research, sorting through unreliable data, and dealing with poor liquidity. That’s exactly why we created Clewed.

    By combining thousands of industry experts with company-friendly platform, we probe prospective targets and provide the transparency that investors reasonably require. In the process, we help our target companies improve their business operations and become more attractive investment opportunities. Our success depends on the success of our partner companies and investors.

How Clewed Works


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Advisory services are
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Our platform permits
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you time and money.


Attract smart capital

Our platform provides investors
with the transparency to
understand your investment
and our monitoring offers you
the confidence that it will
continue to perform.

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Our requirements for capital: $10M+ annual revenue | 15% annual growth rate | $1M+ EBITDA

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Why Clewed?

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    Tailored solutions

    We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We take an individualized view of your business fundamentals to support long-term scalability and cost-efficiency.

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    Uncompromising privacy

    With stringent privacy protocols and NDA protections, we ensure that your sensitive information is available exclusively to your tailored advisory team and serious investors.

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    Mutual partnership

    The most fruitful business-investor relationships are transparent. By giving investors confidence in your business, we enable you to secure capital with favorable terms.

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    Industry-specific experts

    Your Clewed advisory team is selected from a deep pool of seasoned industry specialists adept at helping you solve financial, strategic, and operational priorities.

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