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Unlocking the service and capital markets

    Clewed is a new type of service and capital infrastructure for small and midsize companies and investors. Our platform combines technology with actual human assistance to improve the knowledge, performance, and purchasing power of traditionally underserved, smaller companies.

    For investors, our software reduces the expensive yet necessary diligence and risk management costs while creating transparency that builds trust. This approach enables us to provide smaller companies with low-cost capital from a larger pool of traditionally unavailable investors, while offering many investors opportunities formerly reserved for bigger institutions.

A world of top financial &

strategic services at your fingertips

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    Clear price, low-cost

    Our platform simplifies and reduces fees. No hourly rates. Clear, project-based pricing.

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    Quality people and work

    Work with curated professionals hard to access traditionally.

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    Your payments, protected

    You’ll know what you pay upfront. We release your payments when you approve the work.

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    Fast, human support

    Our analysts know business and are available to help anytime, anywhere.

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Access intelligence. Unlock opportunities. Accelerate growth.

The power of intelligence

At Clewed, we vet and organize your data and convert it to actionable intelligence that fuels your business, harmonizes your people, and connects you to the professionals and partners you need to achieve results.


Gain purchasing power

Our platform enables talented people to serve multiple companies in one place from anywhere, without wasting time. This allows clients to gain purchasing power and save money, sharing top resources they couldn’t access before.


Attract the right capital

Our solutions reduce the traditional diligence and risk management costs while creating the transparency you need to develop trust and attract a broader network of owner-aligned investors.

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