Our Story

Working in private equity, Clewed's founder, Hiwot Nega, realized that the typical capital and service solutions were built in the 1970s for a small number of bigger businesses and investors. As more companies needed more capital, alternative solutions filled the void targeting less sophisticated companies with expensive, often predatory loans. Compounding the problem, the vast scale of technology disruption and global competition companies face today require better intelligence and deeper resources these underserved companies can’t access or afford. So, she created Clewed.

Clewed is founded with the belief that the world’s lower middle market businesses can be better connected to the smarts and capital they need to build lasting companies that benefit society. Our solution is purpose-built to provide a new service infrastructure based on transparency, collaboration and sharing that opens more access to more companies to unlock significant value lost to structural inefficiencies. We are the first platform to combine technology, people and capital to modernize the old economy service model, so our clients can meet the rapidly evolving demands of their business smarter, easier and at better price.