Invite a Friend

Invite your friends and business network to try Clewed. When they sign up using your unique invitation code, they can join their first Insight free and get 10% off on their first service. After, their first Insight, you will receive 10% on any service purchases they make with Clewed in their first six month.

How it Works
  1. Login to your account and navigate to My Account > Edit your profile summary to find your unique Invitation Code.
  2. Tell your business network to use this code as their “Invitation” code when they register on Clewed.
  3. View the “Invitations” section of your profile page to see those who have registered using your Invitation code in the last 12 months.
  4. 4. Each time an “Invitation” makes a purchase in their first six month of Clewed, you will earn 10% of their payment.
  5. Twice a month, Clewed will pay you the amount you earned and received by Clewed from your Invitation, to the extent your credit exceeds $25.

Give your network a free Insight and discount on services! It’s a great gift they’d like and a great way for you to unlock perks and engage with your network.