Our People

Our people are a network of over 1,000 talented industry analysts,
investment professionals, operating executives and subject matter experts across industries and fields – skilled at what they do and passionate about supporting small and midsize companies. Our technology and process is purpose-built to eliminate the persistent inefficiencies of the old economy service model, so that talented people can more easily and transparently advise clients from anywhere and make a difference.

We constantly iterate the expertise of our people to fit the demands of our clients – to strategically adjust their business, innovate, find partners and grow. We align the incentives of our professionals with the satisfaction and growth of our clients – so we constantly deliver results at a minimal cost.

Professional selection process

We select professionals from a thorough screening process focused on identifying the best people trained at leading academic and business institutions traditionally unaffordable for the market we serve. We help our professionals succeed by offering tools, enabling collaboration and organizing information to cut the administrative time and cost they would have incurred to serve the market on their own.


We use a secure platform and assign pseudonyms to protect confidentiality and create a bias-free environment. Professionals connected to a client company access private company information on a need to know basis and sign a standard confidentiality agreement with clients to the extent they access confidential materials.