Our Network

We have 1,000+ professionals who have registered to support companies on our platform. Our professional network work with our clients in three critical roles: Analysts, Advisors, and Investment Partners. Our Analysts host at least 1 “Insights” discussion per month while working full-time elsewhere. We welcome Analysts across sectors who have excellent critical thinking, finance, business and communication skills able to ask the right questions and help our business community gain actionable insights. Analysts get paid for deals from their efforts, participate in diligence and access co-investments. Our Advisors are recruited from top Analysts, Insights guest experts, operators and subject-matter experts who join Clewed to help companies. We recruit professionals from all backgrounds and specialties across industries skilled at what they do and passionate about supporting growing companies. Our Investment Partners access quality deals, right of first refusal and advisory roles based on capital commitments.

Our technology and process are purpose-built to eliminate the persistent inefficiencies of the old economy service model, so that talented people can more easily and transparently advise private companies from anywhere and make a difference. We constantly iterate the expertise of our network to meet client needs while helping our professional network more easily connect and serve companies directly on their own. We align the incentives of our professionals with the satisfaction and growth of our clients so we constantly deliver results.

Please register as a professional to serve in any of these roles and complete your profile to get started. You will be required to complete a brief questionnaire to be approved and matched to available advisory opportunities.


We use a secure platform and assign pseudonyms to protect confidentiality and create a bias-free environment. Professionals connected to a client company access private company information on a need-to-know basis and sign a standard confidentiality agreement with clients to the extent they access confidential materials.