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Clewed makes it easy to flexibly invest in highly desirable private companies that were previously only available to institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

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    Traditional brokerage platforms and investment vehicles miss out on small to midsized businesses. Between lengthy research processes and unverifiable data, the risks and time commitment necessary to invest poses a significant barrier. Clewed bridges this gap, empowering investors to build profitable, long-standing relationships with these businesses.

    By providing institutional-grade due diligence, ongoing risk monitoring, long-term growth compounding strategy, platform-based sale of shares, and more, we are changing how investors approach small to midsized business opportunities. At the same time, our businesses are supported by a deep network of investment and operations professionals with an eye on driving growth and profitability. Oftentimes, these experts choose to invest in the companies they advise, a testament to the quality and transparency of our process.

Our network of over 1,000 top investment and industry professionals
from leading institutions enables high-potential opportunities and
superior risk-adjusted returns.

Getting Started Today


Qualification process

As part of our quality assurance efforts, we require prospective investors to undergo a qualification process and select their unique investment size and sector preferences.


First-rate research

Each company on Clewed undergoes a rigorous screening process where independent experts provide 360° research to assess risk, financial health, and potential growth.


Strategic investments

We offer a growth compounding strategy, targeting a minimum of double-digit growth, 20% returns, and 5-year holds. We use put options, platform-based sales, and more for liquidity.

The Clewed Difference

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    Early access

    Leading small to midsized businesses turn to Clewed first when they are seeking capital. In turn, our investors are the first to know when lucrative opportunities arise.

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    Full transparency

    You can take peace of mind knowing that businesses on Clewed cannot frame their own story. Our network of independent investors & industry experts ensures data integrity.

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    Mutually-beneficial growth

    Clewed’s network, team of business leaders, and advisors oftentimes double as investors and have a shared interest in long-term company and investment success.

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    Value-added opportunities

    At Clewed, we go beyond investment agreements alone. We are an ecosystem of advisors, businesses, and experts with an affinity for skill and opportunity sharing for mutual growth.

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Investing at Clewed starts with a low minimum of $25K. Here’s what investors can expect:

  • Long-term growth compounding strategy

  • Quality companies selected through comprehensive due diligence

  • Ongoing monitoring to manage risks, enhance growth, and plan business sales

  • 20% minimum preferred equity return target with a 5-year investment lock-up

  • Cross-sector, multi-company diversification opportunities

  • Insightful discussions and Q&A opportunities with vetted industry experts

  • Flexible amount with no majority or significant minority ownership required

Join Clewed as an advisor

At Clewed, talented investment and operations professionals
access projects and collaborate with like-minded professionals in
their area of expertise.

We are always adding professionals who are adept with finance, business strategy, sales and marketing, business development, operations, e-commerce, SaaS, technology disruptions, and beyond. Our platform offers advisors multiple ways to monetize their skills and business network through growth-oriented advisory opportunities that fit their backgrounds. They can also invest in businesses on Clewed.

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Project Q779
Analyst advisor
Alcoholic Beverages $10 million revenues, 14% growth
Project y335
Investor, supply chain advisor
$20 Million manufacturing company, 40% growth.
Project ALC
Operating advisor, Investor
Amazon Seller $120 million revenues, 30%+ growth

Host or join Insights to grow your audience, skills, and network

  • Live research discussions by experts like you

  • A great way to build a following for your skills

  • You collaborate with others

  • We design topics to help you succeed

We’re here to help

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    You get support

    From partnerships to growth opportunities and setting you up, we support you every step of the way.

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    Tools to help you succeed

    Our Insights tools give you control to directly grow and engage your network.

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    Benefit from our community

    We market to thousands of lower middle market companies, helping you gain exposure.

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    Education and training

    We create insights to help our professionals succeed and learn.

Common Questions


Which quality assurance measures
does Clewed take?

At Clewed, we enlist the support of industry-specific experts to conduct thorough business analyses for companies. Likewise, the service providers we partner with offer comprehensive support, ensuring that businesses are professionally managed to responsibly handle capital.


How does Clewed reduce the costs
of small to midsized business investments?

We have built a technology platform that allows us to distribute opportunities to highly-targeted investors who help you access more companies and opportunities at a low cost. Additionally, our diligence and monitoring process removes weeks and significant costs that investors traditionally incur. In turn, we add transparency and cut out research costs for investors.


Is there a minimum investment
requirement on Clewed?

Most investments on Clewed start at $25K for individual investors, or higher for institutions.


How does Clewed benefit investors?

Generally, small to midsized businesses are either inaccessible or too cumbersome for investors, involving time-demanding due diligence and analysis. Clewed is built around transparency, carrying out these processes for you to invest with confidence.


Where can investors discover
opportunities on Clewed?

By joining Clewed as an investor, you will receive notifications when opportunities that align with your interests arise. Investor partners get a “first look” before opportunities launch, enabling them to get in earlier for helping us close deals faster.


How have previous investments
performed on Clewed?

While our investment portal is new, the principals of Clewed have previously generated over 20% returns in middle-market private equity. We have built Clewed to offer the repeatable formula private equity firms use to generate top-quartile returns while removing the traditional frictions and transaction costs.


How can I become
an advisor on Clewed?

We invite qualified advisors to apply today. Register and create your profile to fill us in on your professional training and background. We will follow up as soon as possible and explore how you may engage.


Can advisors become investors?

Yes. While sharing knowledge and taking an in-depth look at the businesses they guide, advisors can choose to double as investors.

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