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We partner to unlock investment and advisory opportunities in one of the most attractive segments of the private market that was previously inaccessible.

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    The traditional investment and advisor models often overlook a significant portion of the high-potential opportunities hidden in the lower middle market. With challenges like unverifiable data and talent gaps, understanding the risks and rewards in this market can be a time-consuming process. Clewed addresses this gap, empowering both partnering investors and advisors to unlock more opportunities than ever before.

    Our technology-driven platform significantly improves transparency and scales risk assessment, enabling us to structure sufficient rewards that open the market for many investors. This efficiency unlocks capital for numerous companies, driving growth that creates a flywheel effect, generating benefits for everyone involved. Not only does our solution allow our partners to engage with previously hard to serve companies, but also the benefits compound over time with increasing data and productivity. We invest in our infrastructure to create a durable competitive advantage that extends to all our partners.

Our network of over 1,000 top investment and industry professionals
from leading institutions enables high-potential opportunities and
superior risk-adjusted returns.

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We simplify the entire process to give you the data and support you need to participate fluidly and grow wealth with the businesses you know and trust.

The Clewed Difference

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    Scalable Access

    Our platform's scalability opens doors to companies that were previously inaccessible. As a result, our partners discover more opportunities as soon as they are available.

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    Quality & Transparency

    We bring together the best aspects of both public and private investment approaches to ensure top-notch quality and transparency in the companies we present.

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    Mutual Growth

    Our community of business leaders and advisors often double as investors and share a common interest in achieving long-term company success.

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    Value-Added Partnership

    Beyond investment agreements, we create an ecosystem of talented advisors, investors, and businesses across different sectors, fostering a culture of skill and opportunity for mutual growth.

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Investing at Clewed starts with a low minimum of $25K. Here’s what investors can expect:

  • Invest in a managed vehicle that protects your interest

  • Long-term growth compounding strategy that targets minimum 20% IRR, 5 year lock-up

  • Quality companies selected through comprehensive due diligence

  • Ongoing monitoring to manage risks, enhance growth, and plan liquidity

  • Cross-sector, multi-company diversification opportunities

  • Insightful research and Q&A with vetted industry experts and diligence team

  • Flexible amount starting as low as $25,000 per investor

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At Clewed, talented investment and operations professionals
access projects and collaborate with like-minded professionals in
their area of expertise.

We are always adding professionals who are adept with finance, business strategy, sales and marketing, business development, operations, e-commerce, SaaS, technology disruptions, and beyond. Our platform offers advisors multiple ways to monetize their skills and business network through growth-oriented advisory opportunities that fit their backgrounds. They can also invest in businesses on Clewed.

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Project Q779
Analyst advisor
Alcoholic Beverages $10 million revenues, 14% growth
Project y335
Investor, supply chain advisor
$20 Million manufacturing company, 40% growth.
Project ALC
Operating advisor, Investor
Amazon Seller $120 million revenues, 30%+ growth

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  • Live research discussions by experts like you

  • A great way to build a following for your skills

  • You collaborate with others

  • We design topics to help you succeed

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    You get support

    From partnerships to growth opportunities and setting you up, we support you every step of the way.

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    Tools to help you succeed

    Our Insights tools give you control to directly grow and engage your network.

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    Benefit from our community

    We market to thousands of lower middle market companies, helping you gain exposure.

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    Education and training

    We create insights to help our professionals succeed and learn.

Common Questions


Which quality assurance measures
does Clewed take?

Clewed partners with a network of over 1,000 talented investment and operating executives across industries to support research, diligence, risk management and portfolio support. Our technology is built to help our partnering professionals to efficiently collaborate as part of our team. Our partnering professionals also support ad-hoc projects companies may need from time to time to execute and maximize returns. This ensures that businesses we work with are professionally managed and prepared to responsibly handle capital and reward investors without wasting time.


How does Clewed reduce the costs
of small to midsized business investments?

We have built a technology platform that allows us to organize and analyze data at scale, which enabled us to structure investments flexibly and bring more companies to the market. Our platform also allows us to create significant transparency and enable each investor to access quality diligence, monitoring and risk management mechanisms to invest simply and confidently. Our technology also provides distribution efficiencies that allow us to better targeted our marketing and pool capital efficiently. This enables us to reduce the minimum investment required to access the market and open the investor pool beyond large institutions.


Is there a minimum investment
requirement on Clewed?

Most investments on Clewed start at $25K for individual investors, or higher for institutions.


How does Clewed benefit investors?

Today, there is no place for investors to simply buy shares of less-known private companies and access one of the top returns in the market. Investing in this market involves time-demanding due diligence, analysis, risk management and liquidity planning, an expensive process that requires a team to tailor and price the opportunity fairly. Clewed manages the entire process and enables investors to invest as one class flexibility and transparency with a support of a team. This way, investors also gain a buying power for information that enable efficient risk management and liquidity planning through Clewed.


Where can investors discover
opportunities on Clewed?

By joining Clewed as an investor, you will receive notifications when opportunities that align with your interests arise. Investor partners get a “first look” before opportunities launch, enabling them to get in earlier for helping us close deals faster.


How have previous investments
performed on Clewed?

While our investment portal is new, the principals of Clewed have previously invested in this market as part of private equity principals and have built Clewed to offer the repeatable formula private equity firms use to generate top-quartile returns while removing the traditional frictions and transaction costs.


How can I become
an advisor on Clewed?

We invite qualified advisors to apply today. Register and create your profile to fill us in on your professional training and background. We will follow up quickly to explore how you may engage.


Can advisors become investors?

Yes, advisors can choose to double as investors.

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