Old business models are being disrupted. The Clewed platform enables you to plug into the expertise, relationships and capital you need to compete today.

How it works

1. Start easy

Create a project or company account. Login to tell us about your project and opportunity. We’ll ask brief diligence questions to clearly define the need so we attract the right people.

2. Meet professionals

Meet talented analysts, subject-matter experts, operators, investors or consultants with the track record to help you. Review their bios, work samples and our private vetting process or participate in related vetting discussions as you like. We manage the process while giving you control and transparency so you waste less time.

3. Order your service

Your chosen experts help define the scope of work, set milestones and price it for your review, edit and approval. You monitor progress and provide feedback while Clewed manages the process for quality - until your project is done to your satisfaction.

4. Advisory and M&A opportunities

You complete a tech-supported diligence so we identify your best market opportunities cost-efficiently. We organize your information in a private workspace and help you attract people who can help enhance the value of your enterprise through services and/or smart strategic and M&A transactions - at low cost and owner-friendly terms.

5. Grow even faster

As we work together, we leverage our technology, network and data to identify strategic and capital partners and opportunities beyond what might have been visible to you before the benefit of our infrastructure - so you unlock more opportunities and accelerate beyond old limits.