Why Clewed?

We believe companies that can grow at a high rate over a long period of time provide the best investment opportunity available – as they allow the power of compound interest to work for them. So, we’ve built a system to help such companies to continually transform, find partners and grow – while enabling us to invest and grow with their business for as long as possible.
"Our favorite holding period is forever." Warren Buffett.

How it works for companies

1. Simply get started

Create a private account and login to tell us about your business needs and how we can help. Its private and anonymous and we will quickly get in touch to get started.

2. Complete a brief diligence

Your answers to our diligence questions help us vet and present your business confidentially. This helps you to more easily access high quality products, services and partners at a clear, right price. You achieve cost savings, gain price transparency and benefit from the buying power of being part of a greater whole.

3. Access market insights

Professionals on Clewed lead insight discussions to help companies understand changing market dynamics. You can easily join existing shared topics or request tailored insight discussions to help your employees get answers, monitor market changes and learn from the experiences of smart industry professionals. Go to https://www.clewed.com/insights-and-services for sample topics.

4. Custom services

Our services help you complete special projects or growth or transformation initiatives related to sales, technology, margins, market share, supply chain, capital structure, acquisitions and more. Our platform makes it efficient for our network of 2,000+ talented industry professionals to collaborate from anywhere to solve client problems cost efficiently. We manage the process to save time and ensure quality while giving you transparency and control over outcomes we set and monitor together.

5. Access capital and strategic opportunities

We help qualified companies we vet to confidentially raise capital through our direct or co-investment programs. By reducing the complexity of navigating the private company market, we enhance strategic and capital partnership opportunities that helps companies to access the right partner privately at low cost.

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