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Private Label Consumer Products at Amazon; Friend or Foe
This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals who are building strategies around selling on Amazon but have concerns with competition fr…
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576 views | Sales

How is the PBM model evolving and what does it mean for employers, payors and op
This Insight is a one-hour conversation on the evolution of the PBM market and the opportunities and risks the market presents in the near and long term for employers, pa…
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772 views | Market

Understanding the mega trends in personalized / precision medicine and how they
This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals navigate their way through trends in precision health and the risks and opportunities they…
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464 views | Market

How is healthcare delivery evolving and what does it mean for operators?
This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals navigate their way through today's healthcare delivery environment. The evolving segmentat…
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1138 views | Market

Amazon as a key DTC consumer channel
This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals navigate their way through Amazon. We will explore why Amazon should be viewed as a Direc…
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482 views | Distribution

Direct to Consumer, Amazon and the Future of Retail
This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals navigate their way through a highly competitive and fast-changing retail environment drive…
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3264 views | Competition

Understanding today's rapid technological globalization and its potential disrup
This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help businesses and other organizations to navigate their way through an increasingly complex and risky international …
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1589 views | Opportunities

What is the future of Independent health Insurance TPAs
This is a conversation between two operating executives on the health insurance TPA market. The discussion is designed to share market insight including important long-t…
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1512 views | Market

I provide analysis & strategic planning on emerging technologies, emerging marke
I work closely with companies and other organizations to help them understand cutting edge developments in science and technology, the emerging markets they are driving, …
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I will help with trade spending analysis for your company
In this order, I will review your particular trade spending status and how it compares relative to some of the top companies in the space and what is driving the variance…
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Country Defense Market Research - Finland, Norway, Australia, S. Korea, Canada a
I will complete a defense market research report on Finland, Norway. The report will outline strategy, initiatives, programs, investments, trends and drivers, risks and o…
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Recap of the top innovations at Farnborough Airshow
This discussion will cover our research findings of defense industry's top innovators and their products from a review of over 500 industry exhibitors that will be introd…
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903 views | Market

Country DIB Research report
I will complete a defense market research report on various countries including: China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Poland, Sweden, Finland. The report will outline strategy,…
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How to frame and drive sales in a services business
Leaders of services businesses are often so busy either delivering their services or hustling to land their next client that they never get around to building a systemati…
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2548 views | Sales

I will give you tools for global trade compliance strategy development
Conducting business on a global scale requires a strategy that is dynamic and capable of managing risks while navigating the diverse challenges of international trade. It…
1400 views | Market

I will give you comparative analysis of your company's process against top innov
I will review your current innovation process at the high level and let you know where you fit and how much work is involved to create a system for your organization. Thi…
1502 views | Opportunities

Client Assessment and Growth Strategy Development and Deployment Session
My colleague(s) and I will provide rich input to CEO's and services business leaders who prepare and present to a summary of: 1. What they are trying to do to grow engag…
876 views | Sales

Gaining distribution into mass market retail across all channels of trade in the
The keys to building the right distribution strategy are of parallel importance to the product strategies themselves. In the digital world of instant data and a multitude…
2289 views | Distribution

How do you drive innovation in your company today?
Innovation and company growth have historically been treated as an unpredictable occurrence. Organizations with large staff and revenues have an even greater challenge as…
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2945 views | Competition

Accountable Care Organizations: Where Are We Now?
Get Insights into the current status of Accountable Care Organization (ACO) development. Following the Affordable Care Act, providers have been reorganizing to meet the …
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3389 views | Market

Global Steel Price Outlook: What Lies Ahead?
Steel is a $50+ billion industry in the United States. Steel impacts many sectors of the economy including construction, automotive, appliances, and general industrial ma…
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3473 views | Market

Understanding Consumer Segmentation Today
In today's crowded media space, using traditional consumer facts to build brand strategies is insufficient. It's essential for marketing and corporate planners to create…
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2973 views | Plan

How do you tap into today's leading growth opportunities?
More than ever, companies today need to ensure their strategy accounts for market changes and can be executed on to achieve meaningful results. This discussion is design…
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2917 views | Competition

Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Talent Management
This discussion is designed to share what science knows about talent management and to provide straightforward ways to quickly put that knowledge to work to achieve excep…
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1970 views | Employees

Does your pricing work for retail channels?
This session will transform your pricing process by helping you understand how retailers price products: the opportunities (and pitfalls) that determine the price for var…
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1661 views | Pricing

Blueprinting Greater Performance In Procurement
A large base of a company's revenue is directed towards its suppliers and partners. Yet many companies fail to address the necessary steps to ensure the success of their …
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1111 views | Opportunities

The Future Of The Home Health Industry: More Demand But How Profitable?
The discussion is designed to provide a perspective on the extraordinary changes affecting the home health industry. The Affordable Care Act, developments in technology, …
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2126 views | Market

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