Old business models are outdated to meet today's demands. The Clewed platform enables professionals to connect with companies and opportunities and thrive more easily.

How it works

1. Sign up free

Create a professional account to buy or sell services and to work with talented professionals on opportunities.

2. Engage companies

Once approved, you will access tools to package and list actionable insights and services and share it broadly. You can now reach new companies, engage existing clients and sell more services in your area of expertise more easily.

3. Participate in available projects

As a professional member, you will receive notifications about available projects and opportunities on Clewed. After vetting and selection, you’ll have tools to clearly define your deliverables, set milestones and price your services for clients to order at a clear price – hassle free.

4. Accelerate your income

Turn your business relationships to money. You can invite companies you want to work with and co-deliver services with likeminded professionals faster and easier. Not only can you now leverage our platform to sell services in your field, we enable you to serve unlimited clients across functions and fields and easily monitor the status of opportunities you bring in one place.

5. Grow together

At Clewed, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts as our technology helps to unleash new opportunities and enable the network effects of our community to work for all members. We are committed to partnering with capable professionals to create value and grow together beyond hours of service. Email us at clewed@clewed.com to explore and join our partner program.