Why Clewed?

We believe companies that can grow at a high rate over a long period of time provide the best investment opportunity available – as they allow the power of compound interest to work for them. So, we’ve built a system to help such companies to continually transform, find partners and grow – while enabling us to invest and grow with their business for as long as possible.
"Our favorite holding period is forever." Warren Buffett.

How it works for professionals

1. Start easy

Create a professional account and login to complete your profile. You can browse insights and opportunities to learn more while we review your information.

2. Engage companies

Once approved, you access tools to list actionable insights and services and to share them broadly. This helps you to more quickly connect with people across companies, increase business opportunities, learn from thought-provoking discussions and more.

3. Access projects and opportunities

From time to time, you will receive notifications about opportunities on Clewed that may fit your background. If there is a fit, you access projects you may complete on your own, or with other professionals collaboratively.

4. Accelerate your income

Transform your business relationships into revenue. You can invite companies for services outside your expertise, or for our capital solutions and earn money while strengthening your business relationships. You can track and monitor the status of opportunities you bring in one place.

5. Grow together

At Clewed, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By improving transparency and collaboration, our technology helps to increase productivity while unleashing new opportunities for participants. We are committed to partnering with capable professionals to create value and grow together through partnerships and co-investments - beyond hours of service. Email us at clewed@clewed.com to explore and join our partner program.

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