Understanding US Industrial goods manufacturing

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Operators who want to manufacture goods in the U.S. or move their manufacturing to the US. Big businesses that want U.S. based suppliers. Operators and buyers who want to understand the state of manufacturing in the US and the advantages and risks professionals need to consider. Experts in the sector who can share their expertise to increase understand of key issues.

Insight description

This Insight is a one-hour conversation on industrial manufacturing in the U.S. including key players, demand and supply, competition, capacity, economic models and government contracts. We will discuss how much of industrial manufacturing has moved out of the U.S. over time and what competitive advantages those in the US have or can gain to gain market share and compete successfully. In addition, we will discuss steps companies can take to effectively move their operation from China or other markets to the US.


Our guest expert, Oliver Kasianchuk is a Chief Manufacturing and Chief Technology Officer overseeing a North American subsidiary of a world leading composites manufacturer. The company serves the aerospace industry in both the military and commercial sectors. Mr. Kasianchuk has spent over 20 years in the industrial sector globally in roles including business development, marketing, sales, distributor development, inventory control and product catalog selection. Prior to his current role, Mr. Kasianchuk has led the turnaround of a South and Central American operations for a US$740M world leader in the manufacture, sales and import / export of dental, medical, salon and spa equipment.

In this discussion, we will discuss:

1. The state of industrial manufacturing in the US and success drivers

2. The economic model, top buyers, main cost components, margins, sales process and timelines and break even scale / size

3. What are the top 3-5 industrial manufacture companies? What do they do well?

4. What is the competitive landscape and supply and demand situation today? Are there certain sub-sectors of the industry that are more appealing than others economically?

5. Are there any supply chain, input materials and related issues that limit or delay manufacturing in the US?

6. What competitive advantages do companies need to build or have to compete with China, e-commerce and more established suppliers?

7. How much of the market demand is currently filled by US manufacturers in the US?

8. What steps must companies take to establish their manufacturing in the US and what is the estimated timeline?

9. Contract manufacturing - What is the state of contract manufacturing in the sector? What risks limit contract manufacturing? Is there capacity among the current players to produce for others?

10. Is there a pressure for large buyers to buy made in the USA or non-China products? How strong / lasting is this demand?


All attendees are identified by first name, project name, or pseudonym to ensure confidentiality and enable an open, bias-free dialog. Sanitized bios of attendees are available for those who join to facilitate a productive and quality experience for everyone.

We encourage participants to begin asking questions and share comments before the live session to enable a lively discussion and help experts prepare to touch on areas that may be relevant for the attendees.

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