Understanding the mega trends in personalized / precision medicine and how they are shaping healthcare delivery

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Senior executives of healthcare companies such as physician groups, physician group management companies and general healthcare company operators interested in learning about mega trends in personalized medicine and how they affect healthcare delivery models and costs. Consultants, partners and suppliers serving the healthcare industry. Investors seeking to understand how personalized medicine will shape healthcare delivery.

Insight description

This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals navigate their way through trends in precision health and the risks and opportunities they present for healthcare operators. We will discuss the changes in healthcare that are requiring personalized medicine; how this approach differs from mass customization and other similar population health management approaches; technologies that focus on personalized medicine; how care management is adopting to a world of personalized medicine and more.


This discussion is a fireside chat with market commentary and Q&A between a healthcare analyst and subject matter expert. Attendees are permitted to ask questions prior, during, and after the live session, and share their experiences online at any point.

The experts, Lawrence Diamond has a 20+ years career in the healthcare sector as a sales and general management executive with experience in software, technology, medical device, pharma, laboratory, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicare and insurance services businesses. He is responsible for growing revenue and creating winning products at organizations including Insignia Health, American TeleCare, Alere, Ubiquio, United Healthcare, and Merrill Lynch.

The analyst, Michael Davidoff, is an experienced institutional healthcare investor. He dedicates a lot of his time studying change dynamics across the healthcare market and identifying and investing in companies who are likely to be long-term winners due to a unique business model and exceptional management team. Mike has served in analyst/investor roles at Wells Capital Management, Thomson Horstmann, and Sidoti & Company.

Mike will facilitate the discussion to ensure that the dialogue answers key questions and produces actionable insights that professionals can use to build their respective businesses. Attendees can participate by submitting their specific questions online for the experts to address during the call or online. The discussion will cover these particular areas:

1. Understanding today’s megatrend in precision health (genetics, environment, behavior, and lifestyle) that impact the overall human health and examples of programs

2. How big is the problem precision health programs seek to address? Segmentation analysis that considers where the biggest bang for the buck lies for companies implementing precision health programs

3. Case study from programs designed from the human behavior viewpoint

4. Examples of programs we are seeing today around the 4 segments of precision health

5. The potential of these programs to materially bend the overall healthcare cost curve

6. Actionable ideas for providers on how to more effectively deploy precision health programs. What tools, technologies or programs are working and can be implemented efficiently?

7. How long will it take to see results from implanting precision health and how do we measure return on investment?

8. Examples and analysis around companies that are demonstrating success in this market and shared learnings that can help shape tomorrow’s winners: Eg: GE, IBM, Others

9. Actions companies can take now to take advantage of these trends for both health system providers and vendors

All attendees are identified by first name, project name, or pseudonym to ensure confidentiality and enable an open, bias-free dialog. Sanitized bios of attendees are available for those who join to facilitate a productive and quality experience for everyone.

If you have questions you would like answered, we encourage you to begin asking online at any point after you join. Not only will you be presented with answers to questions that are important to you, but you will also be afforded the opportunity to glean knowledge from the experiences of others in the industry in a learning-friendly environment.

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