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Executives interested in understanding Amazon, why it should be viewed as a Direct To Consumer (DTC) channel and why it is a critical piece of the Omni-Channel strategy. CPG operators that sell products digitally or through traditional retail channels.

Insight description

This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals navigate their way through Amazon. We will explore why Amazon should be viewed as a Direct To Consumer (DTC) channel and why it is a critical piece of the Omni-Channel strategy. We will discuss effective Amazon strategies for CPG companies and how companies can compete including with third parties and non-authentic products.

The host of the discussion, Michael, is an expert in digital sales & marketing primarily focused on Amazon and DTC management. He helps various large and small CPG brands with go-to-market and Omni-Channel strategies. Michael has worked in over 20 different industry categories and has represented a wide range of leading CPG brands as part of a branding firm or independently as a contractor.

The moderator, Jessica, is a retail research analyst at Jane Hali & Associates an investment research firm that provides proprietary and customized research for investment professionals across the consumer discretionary sector. Jessica has presented industry research with a new perspective to view the retail, apparel and footwear space. Prior, she was a trend-data analyst with WGSN and has served in various client engagements, trend reporting and marketing roles. Before that, Jessica worked for luxury brands including Burberry and Ted Baker. Jessica has been quoted in WWD, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Mergers & Acquisitions magazine, Reuters, Glossy, Digiday, Market Watch, USA Today and Retail Dive.

Jessica will facilitate the discussion between the experts and the audience by ensuring that the dialogue answers key questions and provides actionable insights that professionals can use to build their respective businesses. Attendees can participate by submitting their specific questions online prior, during or after the call to get answers to their specific questions and share ideas with each other. Key areas the discussion will cover include:

1. Commentary from each expert on the importance of working with Amazon

2. How brands perceive Amazon and the idea of working with Amazon? Both brands on Amazon and those not on Amazon

3. How pricing works on Amazon

4. Thoughts on Amazon's private label business

5. Examples of brands that have been working well on Amazon

6. Examples of successful strategies brands should implement for Amazon

7. The importance of the image brands/retailers have on Amazon. How much control does a brand/retailer have of that?

8. View on third parties and non-authentic products and what brands can do about them

All attendees are identified by first name, project name, or pseudonym to ensure confidentiality and enable an open, bias-free dialog. Sanitized bios of attendees are available for those who join so as to help everyone know each
other's backgrounds and to facilitate a productive and quality experience for everyone.

If you have questions you would like answered, we encourage you to begin asking online at any point after you join. Not only will you be presented with answers to questions that are important to you, but you will also be afforded the opportunity to glean knowledge from the experiences of others in the industry in a learning-friendly environment.

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