I provide analysis & strategic planning on emerging technologies, emerging markets, and government policies & resources
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Target audience

Business leaders and managers, market analysts, investors, technologists, public policy professionals, economic development professionals, and those interested in the defense sector and international technology developments

Service description

I work closely with companies and other organizations to help them understand cutting edge developments in science and technology, the emerging markets they are driving, governmental policies and regulations impacting them, and the global risks and opportunities arising from them. I particularly focus on the defense sector, but can also provide expert advice across the Bio-Robo-Info-Nano-Energy (BRINE) areas.

I have typically helped my clients in their issue space by technology horizon scanning and foresight analysis, identifying emerging risks and opportunities, strategic plan development, identifying Federal and state resources, and enhancing their organizational networks, including U.S. Congressional and Executive branch contacts, as well as international partners.

My service offerings can range from a one time phone consultation up to a multi-month support contract, and will be tailored to suit each individual client. Compensation rates can be negotiated accordingly.

This service will be to evaluate your specific issue from a one page file you submit with up to 5 questions on one specific issue or related issues. I will review your file before the consultation and come prepared with answers so you have a clear idea on my approach and you have some initial answers. We will then devise a more complete solution after my assessment as needed depending on your situations as most problems require more time.

Buyer Requirement

After you purchase this service, you will have a private space to upload a file with your specific issue and areas where you need help. I will review and come prepared and we can communicate through the system to set a time if the deliverable is phone consultation. Once you purchase, we can share files and contacts to communicate.

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