Understanding today's rapid technological globalization and its potential disruptions

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Business leaders and decision makers, investors, economic development professionals, public policy professionals, academics, technologists, scientific program managers, and those interested in military affairs and international relations.

Insight description

This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help businesses and other organizations to navigate their way through an increasingly complex and risky international environment driven by rapid technological globalization. Technology is changing every sector of the global economy, and national governments and corporations of all sizes are increasingly struggling to understand and adapt to this highly uncertain future. The U.S. in particular will face increasingly intense global competition across all economic sectors in the coming years.

This discussion will explore the key drivers of technological globalization to arm decision makers with the insights necessary to adapt to and harness future developments. It will address current technology trends and recent scientific breakthroughs, the likely emerging products and the markets they will create, and government and international policy, programs, and legal frameworks being developed to address these changes. Actionable recommendations to help organizations navigate this future environment will also be explored.

This Insight may be the first of a series of consecutive Insights. We will start with this to provide a clear overview of key issues, trends and technology pipeline and will create a separate Insight to provide a deeper dive into specific technology areas as needed.

In this Insight, we will cover:

1) How the internet and globalization is transforming the international scientific and commercialization enterprise

2) Overview of key current trends and breakthroughs to watch

3) The most important breakthroughs and transformational products that will soon emerge in the Bio-Robo-Info-Nano-Energy (BRINE) areas

4) Key economic, social, and military implications of these emerging technologies and their potential risks and opportunities

5) Key points about technology related items in the new Administration’s FY2018 federal budget, and potential policy changes that will affect technology companies

6) Insights about strategies that businesses and other organizations can use to remain competitive in the coming years, and the resources available such as new government innovation programs

James, the organizer, has nearly 30 years of experience in the areas of science and technology, national security, and business. He has held senior positions in Federal government offices four times, held senior university faculty positions, managed technology businesses, and been a public policy professional. James has also contributed to numerous high-level Federal policy reports, major pieces of Congressional legislation, published over eighty peer reviewed research articles, and holds four patents.

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