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Defense industry professionals interested in DIB research for various countries in Asia and Europe.

Service description

I will complete a defense market research report on various countries including: China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Poland, Sweden, Finland. The report will outline strategy, initiatives, programs, investments, trends and drivers, risks and opportunities, market participants including their organizational structure, major recent news and developing initiatives as well as how the overall picture compares with other countries.

The report will also include, the country's economic outlook with data including last 10 years actual and 10 year projections on key economic and defense numbers such as: GDP, defense spending (broken down by priorities and programs), investment growth; exchange rate and historical / projected volatility, modernization initiatives, trends shaping the opportunity landscape and the supplier environment with a breakout of domestic and import. and related opportunities by mission area and ability to influence these variables. The cost per report is $5,000.

I have years of defense industry analysis experience with specialty in Asian countries. You can refer to my bio below the topic for details about my background.

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