Recap of the top innovations at Farnborough Airshow

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Defense Industry Analysts, Executives, Contractors, Consultants and Airshow participants

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This discussion will cover our research findings of defense industry's top innovators and their products from a review of over 500 industry exhibitors that will be introducing their latest innovation at the leading industry event - The Farnborough Airshow. You will learn about leading innovative companies and the types of products and advances they've made in the defense industry to help you consider acquisitions or partnerships or keep abreast of industry trends.

This discussion will help attendees of the airshow prepare much more efficiently than otherwise possible by providing a venue for industry players to ask questions and engage in a thought provoking discussion about industry innovation.

If you work in the defense industry, you know that the Farnborough Airshow is the most important industry event to discover innovation, meet industry participants worldwide and consummate deals for your company. Join this discussion to learn from your fellow colleagues worldwide while accessing first hand research about what the show in 2016 will unveil from some of the top analysts covering the sector.

This is a moderator led format where two industry research experts will engage in a q&a after providing an overview of the airshow and companies to watch at the show. Participants of this discussion can ask questions, request private session and custom research or purchase our research report on the 2016 Farnborough Airshow at a discount.

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