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Senior management of companies dealing with trade compliance challenges or those interested to get the best practices on how to approach trade compliance

Service description

Conducting business on a global scale requires a strategy that is dynamic and capable of managing risks while navigating the diverse challenges of international trade. It is essential for business owners and corporate planners to evaluate their international strategic objectives and business development goals with a mind's eye on global trade compliance.

Global trade consists of many processes that connect, intersect and overlap. These connections create the need for due diligence at the onset of business development as well as throughout your global transactions. Whether you are an importer, exporter or offering solutions or services in the global economy, trade compliance is a strategic advantage. The efficient and strategic integration of import and export processes into overall business goals, tax planning and supply chain management is crucial to every multinational company's success in the marketplace.

This service will give you powerful tools you can use to effectively formulate your trade compliance strategy. You will understand the framework you need to develop to reach your global objectives. Where do you start and who can lead you in this process? It will help you think through strategies to gain a competitive edge, minimize risks and optimize your trade operations.

This service is a custom advisory event that will evaluate your particular situation and advise on how you can apply time tested strategies. We will have the opportunity to further clarify and set expectations. You can submit question related to your company on the topics listed below that I can answer for you as part of this service. You will need to upload files and answer questions I will give you to help me understand your business to help you answer targeted questions more relevant for you.

- Effective Management of Export Controls
- Back to Basics Tariff Engineering and Landed Cost Assessments
- Free Trade Agreements

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