How do you drive innovation in your company today?

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CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CHROs and other company leadership with an innovation or growth responsibility. The innovation structures are applicable to companies over $30M in revenue and is focused on large cap corporations. ( Larger NGOs and government bodies may find this interesting as well).

Insight description

Innovation and company growth have historically been treated as an unpredictable occurrence. Organizations with large staff and revenues have an even greater challenge as they are designed to scale and manage the old, not create the new. Yet, most companies from $10 Million to $100 Billion in revenue are experiencing ever faster market shifts, competition showing up 'out of nowhere', and faster moving technology trends than the company is prepared to deal with. Because of this companies are going out of business and falling off the Fortune 500 list faster than ever today. But there is no reason it needs to be this way.

There are many companies that are great at managing innovation as seen in those that create billions in top line growth year after year. The World Database of Innovation study found that those companies that repeatedly grow their market share and/or top line share several Innovation Management practices in common. Innovation can and should be managed.

Uri has worked with 100+ large corporations from 3M to Patagonia to build their Innovation System or "Growth Management" structures. He runs the Innovators International collaboration of 50 corporations, and is the chief curator for the World Database of Innovation which has studied more than 2000 companies to uncover the first statistics behind how the best performing corporations manage growth and innovation. Uri and his companies are standardizing "Innovation Management" and the way in which companies organize and manage innovation and top line growth.

We will review the shared innovation approaches of companies that have repeatedly innovated to great effect in the market. Examples: innovation budgeting, corporate venture models, structures, product portfolio management, culture, talent management, and the innovation process.

Participants will learn how the fastest growing companies and repeat innovators have structured their corporate innovation department. We'll cover:
1) Innovation strategies of the most effective companies in the world and see how they apply to your company.
2) How to access our World Database of Innovation which profiles 2000 of the most innovative companies and their innovation strategies - a groundbreaking and wholly unique study.
3) Discuss 1-2 specific growth challenges of participants on this call.
4) Participants will walk away with new structures, processes, talent management approaches, and culture insights they can implement at their company - the beginning of a roadmap for their innovation department.

Conference Call Dial-In 646-693-5886 No PIN needed. Materials will provided online during the call and each participant will get access to our whitepaper and research after the call.

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