Gaining distribution into mass market retail across all channels of trade in the US Marketplace

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Companies looking to gain planning insights into product distribution across the US Marketplace in all channels of trade - including eCommerce and QVC. There are key steps to maximizing the opportunity of new distribution and setting a distribution platform that is sustainable and repeatable.

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The keys to building the right distribution strategy are of parallel importance to the product strategies themselves. In the digital world of instant data and a multitude of product choices, the initial distribution plan is now one of the core elements to a product being successful in the US Marketplace. Products are now judged in weeks rather than months, with sales data that will forever be in a database. The choices made in the distribution plan, like a map, can quickly get you where you need to be, in the necessary time frame.

Duncan has spent 25 years across the total end to end process of bringing products to market for P&G/Gillette/E&J Gallo, working the sale from manufacturing plant to the store aisle. These insights were gained by managing entire portfolio's at large retailers (Walmart/Costco/Kroger), to internally leading the creation of strategic brand initiatives across all retail channels of trade in the US Marketplace.

There are choices and with each one a potential winning avenue, that is largely dependent on where your company's products sit today.

How do you transition from eCommerce or QVC to the Mass Marketplace?
What retailers fit my production model to get strong distribution and sales quickly?
Is it better to start with a regional or national retailer?
Where does it make sense to use a direct sales person vs. third party representation?

You will walk away with the insights to create the right distribution map, with a clear direction on what is right for your product and your distribution goals.

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