Global Steel Price Outlook: What Lies Ahead?

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Target audience

Investment managers and hedge funds that invest in the basic materials space. Companies that buy and consume steel (processors, fabricators, industrial end users, etc.) and/or companies that are involved in the steel supply chain.

Insight description

Steel is a $50+ billion industry in the United States. Steel impacts many sectors of the economy including construction, automotive, appliances, and general industrial markets. Steel prices continue to be quite volatile, opening up the opportunity for steel end users to manage their costs through various hedging strategies and for investors to profit by making directional trades on future price moves.

With many years as a top-ranked Wall Street metals & mining analyst, Kuni brings a unique insights to the outlook for steel raw materials and finished steel products. In the past 12 months, steel prices have fallen by more than 30% due to import competition and falling raw material prices. Are steel prices set to fall further, trade sideways, or move back up?

This discussion with Kuni Chen, a well regarded analyst in the sector and the moderator Sonja Elmquist, a senior reporter at Bloomberg LP covering the steel industry, will explore answers to these questions, while highlighting a few US-listed steel companies and identifying which ones are better positioned to benefit from a rebound in steel prices.

Questions We will Answer:

1) What are some of the fundamental drivers of the global steel industry?
2) What is the importance of China to the steel industry?
3) When will steel raw material costs recover?
4) Why is more imported steel coming to the United States?
5) What is the outlook for steel prices in the United States?
6) Which steel companies should investors focus on?
7) What actions can steel consumers take to protect profit margins ahead of potentially increasing prices?

Discussions & Q&A

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You can ask questions important for your team and organization beginning immediately after you register. This provides the opportunity for all attendees and participants to share ideas conveniently online as well as enable the moderator to surface your question during live discussion more easily.

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