How do you tap into today's leading growth opportunities?

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Management of fast moving businesses in various sectors seeking to identify new ways to activate their company's growth

Insight description

More than ever, companies today need to ensure their strategy accounts for market changes and can be executed on to achieve meaningful results. This discussion is designed to help the leadership teams of growth-oriented companies identify new strategies for accelerating growth and/or expand margins. You will learn key strategies (strategic narratives) that the presenters research shows are most likely to lead to competitive advantages today.

Kaihan Krippendorff is an author, former McKinsey consultant, and advisor to numerous small, medium, and large companies. He serves ambitious and innovative management teams seeking to drive disruptive growth from companies such as BNY Mellon, GE, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, TAII-CREF, and United Technologies. He also teaches growth strategy and innovation through Wharton Executive Education and Parsons School of Design Strategy. He will lay out part of his proprietary research into the key strategies companies that are successful today deploy to design strategies to unlock new growth. By applying these strategies as part of a focused strategy session, you and your team will generate several new strategies that, when implemented, typically produce a step-improvement in top-line revenue growth, market share expansion, and/or margin improvement.

Ideas you should consider in advance of the discussion:

- What are our aspirational long-term strategic objectives (growth, impact, value, etc)?
- What market forces are most significantly constraining our success?
- Who is our core customers and what do we know about their needs and buying patterns?
- What competitor best represents our full competitive set?
- How much management time, capital, and other resources are we prepared to invest in a new strategic initiative that would significantly accelerate growth?

What You'll Know

By the time you're done with this discussion, you'll understand the key strategies (strategic narratives) that represent how highly successful companies today are establishing competitive advantages, have generated multiple new growth ideas, and begun isolated the most promising new growth ideas.

Online Q&A and Discussion

Attending companies are identified in our platform by project name. Professionals are identified by first name unless they choose otherwise. This is designed to create enough privacy that provides a safe and bias free environment focused on surfacing great ideas and improving our understanding.

You can ask questions important for your team and organization beginning immediately after you register. This provides the opportunity for all attendees and participants to share ideas conveniently online as well as enable the moderator to surface your question during live discussion more easily.

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