The Future Of The Home Health Industry: More Demand But How Profitable?

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Management of insurance companies, provider networks, clinicians, potential investors in the home health industry

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The discussion is designed to provide a perspective on the extraordinary changes affecting the home health industry. The Affordable Care Act, developments in technology, and changing demographics are leading to a significant transformation which is of importance to insurers, providers, clinicians, potential investors, as well as to service recipients. You will learn about how risk-based contracts for provider networks, telemedicine, and changing demographics are affecting this industry.

We're reopening this topic to accommodate more requests and to expand on the topic to go deeper for those who attended the session on April 17th 1PM EST. New call in number will be distributed a week in advance. Attendees can access files and online discussions, minutes and q&a anytime.

Dr. Kelleher will share his extensive research and work on the state of the Home Health market. He has been Chief Medical Officer of Four Winds Hospital Saratoga and of Howard & Hecht Continuity, LLC, and has been an advisor to/consultant for Eli Lilly & Company, AstraZeneca, Accel Value Capital, Huron Life Sciences, and Fruit Street Health. He is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at New York Medical College and Guest Lecturer at Columbia Business School. ??

Dr. Kelleher completed undergraduate and medical education at New York University and Mount Sinai, residency and fellowship training at Harvard, and business education at Columbia. He is a frequent contributor to media discussions of healthcare topics. You can find him on twitter @DrJamesKelleher.

Ideas you should consider in advance of the discussion:

- What is the future of Accountable Care Organizations/Health Homes?

- How can telemedicine be best used to provide efficient care?

- Where are the opportunities for investment related to the home health

What You�ll Know

The discussion should provide an assessment of the potential opportunities and challenges associated with home health services in the years to come. The Affordable Care Act, developments in technology, and changing demographics are leading to a significant transformation in the industry that present revenue opportunities for home health companies while presenting risks companies need to actively mitigate to profitably grow. This discussion will help companies translate these important events to opportunities for growth.

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