Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Talent Management

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Target audience

Business leaders, HR professionals and hiring managers of small, medium and large companies, who want to dramatically improve the performance of their businesses, their departments or their work groups, through systematic, scientific, talent management.

Insight description

This discussion is designed to share what science knows about talent management and to provide straightforward ways to quickly put that knowledge to work to achieve exceptional short-, medium- and long-term business results.

With over fifteen years' experience as an international, industrial CEO and another dozen years developing deep subject matter expertise concerning people management and organizational performance, Richard will help you quickly grasp the size of the opportunity and how you can begin to convert it with proven approaches. The participating moderator, Matt has led dozens of strategic talent initiatives as adviser to both operational and HR members of the C-Suite. As a business leader and consultant, Matt has helped firms translate, align, and cascade organizational strategy into methods for defining, identifying, and developing high-value talent. His F1000 sector experience spans consumer goods, financial services, professional services,and engineering/construction firms.

Ideas to Consider in Advance
• How much do hiring mistakes and turnover cost my company?
• How quickly might we raise individual and organizational performance?
• How much will we need to invest and what sort of ROI can we expect?

Questions We’ll Explore
• How can we always hire the best and still achieve legal and regulatory compliance?
• How can our company consistently identify and always afford top talent?
• What keeps top talent fully engaged and wanting to stay with us?

What You'll Learn
By the time you're done with this discussion, you'll know how to confidently start making changes for the better. You'll understand legal and regulatory realities far better than your competitors. You'll know how to make scalable demonstrations of what you've learned and how to measure results. And you'll have acquired highly actionable information about the most profitable, lowest risk investment your company can possibly make. As a bonus, you'll also learn how to overcome the biggest single barrier to successful talent management transformations.

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